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Hey There,
You know I love to hear my customer request, i love to create product and now on 2016 we decide to open [customer only] premium freebie gift based on your request.

I’m still keep my promise to provide value and giving away Internet Business Tools every month for FREE for all special customers like you 

so always stay tunned to get more free gift.

and Leave your comment below here to request next free gift from Astroblu.

  • Leave your comment below here to request next free gift from us


      Do you ever offer customer special pricing on WP Local Host? Have an xampp similar product but really like the look of yours. Regards Steve

      • currently we don’t have special pricing on wp local host..
        but we have bonus for you.. interested?

  • Thank… The best

  • Richard Shaw

    I purchased a while back local host, put was not able to get the upgrade to Pro can I get the upgrade or the ability to get the upgrade?

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