How You Can Help Your Customers/Visitors to Get to Know You

Uknown Customers
Uknown Customers

If you are trying to build a personal brand in order to build trust and authority in your niche, then one vital str ategy is to try and get to a point where your visitors feel as though they know you. This way, they will be far more l ikely to trust your future posts and far more likely to want to listen to you when you suggest buying a product.

Think about it: who would you be more likely to listen to in regards to buying a product – a friend or an advert? T he answer is the friend and that’s because we feel as though we know them and thus can trust their judgement. If you c an be seen in the same way, then your suggestions will carry much more clout and you will seem much more persuasive.

So how do you go about establishing this sense of trust and of knowing? Here are a few options…

Write in the First Person
The first tip is to occasionally write in the first person. You may have learned in school that writing in third pe rson was preferable for business as it sounds more professional and authoritative but if you want your readers to feel as though they know you and as though you are personally recommending something, then writing in first person makes a lot more sense. Use ‘I’s and ‘Me’s and generally write as though you’re talking to that person.

Be Honest
And don’t just write in first person, make sure you’re being honest too. If you have concerns about a product then say it. Not only does this fill in your personality but it also shows that you’re willing to ‘tell it how it is’. The same goes for talking about issues in your personal life which has the added bonus of making you more relatable.

Include Images
Including images of yourself is a great way to help people feel as though they’re getting to know you. If you’re wr iting about the benefits of a certain exercise, then why not include an image of you performing that exercise? This is also a good way to get graphics for your site without paying for stock images.

Go on Camera
Better yet is to put yourself on the camera. If you are confident enough, then going on YouTube is a great way to r each a larger audience in a way that will leave a more lasting impression.