Toss A Cloak Over Your Plain Old WordPress Backend And Bedazzle Your Customers With A Fully Customized Branded Dashboard


Perfect for...

RebrandPress - Unlimited

No Need To...

  • Pay web developers thousands
  • Spend countless hours changing wordpress
  • Be a technical wizard
  • Get carried away with coding and complex technical things

Just plug in, and get started with.....

Introducing RebrandPress

An innovative WordPress plugin that lets you customize your WordPress install with the branding of your product or service.

Get Excellent Features and
Unique Advantages

RebrandPress allows you to take total control of the WordPress dashboard of your products and themes so that you may rebrand them as your own!

Why Choose RebrandPress?

An innovative WordPress plugin that lets you customize your WordPress install with the branding of your product or service.

  • Login Screen

    Master the first impression with a fully customized login screen including your logo, background and unique layout

  • Colour Schemes

    Get creative with 8 unique colour schemes to transform your Dashboard and match your brand

  • Hide/Show Dashboard Modules

    Display only the information and features your customers need reducing clutter and presenting a sleek, professional look

  • Hide/Show Navigation Links

    Display only the information and features your customers need reducing clutter and presenting a sleek, professional look

  • Grant Multi-Level Access

    Toggle user preferences and available features for up to five user levels including Administrator, Editor, Subscriber and more

  • Hide Wordpress

    Hide all WordPress branding as well as notifications and nagging firmware update requests

  • Upload Your Logo

    Add your business logo to your login screen, dashboard, headers, icons and favicons

  • Easy To Install Plugin

    The RebrandPress Plugin can be installed in any WordPress dashboard instantly with no coding required

  • Newbie Friendly

    Simple to use whether you’re a beginner or an expert with computers

How Can You Benefit From RebrandPress?

RebrandPress is not your ordinary WordPress plugin, you get tons of features and advantages that you can use personally or for your business.

Offline Marketer and Local Consultants Advantages

Membership Sites Usage

RebrandPress - Unlimited

WordPress has changed the game for small online businesses, freelancers and designers by offering all the latest features, plugins and tech to all.

All of a sudden, it was simple and affordable to get stuff done online…

But with WordPress came a bland, uniform, ‘same for everyone’ platform that people couldn’t customize, edit, or rebrand to make their own and protect their brand.

All of this was costing people time, money and most importantly, their reputation.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Common Problems We Faced…

Problem One

When a customer sees I am using WordPress they think they can go and do it themselves. I need to protect my business and my income!


This is exactly why we’ve created RebrandPress. From the login screen, to custom colour schemes, adding your logo, hiding all WordPress references and toggling all features to suit, you can create a unique area to call your own and proudly present to your customers, protecting your bottom line in the process!

Problem Two

WordPress is a basic looking product which is widely perceived
as being cheap or even free!


RebrandPress fixes this product by injecting your personality and style into your Dashboard with the look, usability and multi-level access you need, and the simplicity your customers need too.

Problem Three

There are too many confusing features and modules on WordPress that aren’t relevant to my customers.


With RebrandPress, you have the ability to hide and show whatever Dashboard module, plugin or feature WordPress offers to present a sleeker, simpler area for your customers that has the features they need, and nothing more.

Problem Four

I offer a range of products and membership levels to my customers, and need a range of dashboards to suit.


Well, you’re in luck and RebrandPress has you covered! Now you can tailor multi-level features access from an Administrator to an Editor, to a Subscriber and more so each individual customers gets exactly what they pay for. Each can be accompanied individual Welcome Messages displayed on login, too!


See what others are saying about Rebrand Press

As a freelance web designer I just wish I could build and sell in Wordpress. Now RebrandPress makes that possible allowing me complete freedom to design and build whilst using Wordpress features. This not only saves me time but money as well allowing my business to be more profitable

Sarah Rose
Freelance Web Designer

Rebrand Press is an easy to use Wordpress Plug In. Within a few minutes it allowed me to customize the look and feel of my site. This is a great tool for your business and I highly recommend getting it whether you're an offline marketer or online marketer selling products.

Sam Bakker

What Can RebrandPress Do For My Business?

WordPress is packed with fantastic useful features for online businesses. Features that would takes years of development and tens of thousands of dollars to develop yourself.

But like most skilled designers, freelancers and business owners, they can’t afford this kind of expense. So why not piggyback off WordPress and make their platform your platform for a mere fraction of the cost!?

That’s exactly what RebrandPress is offering, the future proofing and protection of your online business by customizing WordPress into your very own slick, visually brilliant platform to offer to your customers, subscribers, members and more.

RebrandPress - Unlimited

But wait, we aren’t going to leave you with all this power at your fingertips without the in-depth knowledge to maximize it. We know first-hand the results this plugin can bring to your business and we’re passionate about seeing you succeed with the results and income you deserve.

So with that said you also get access to:

This is the BEST way to ensure MASSIVE PROFITS in 2018, 2019 and beyond with this powerful plug that will change the way you use WordPress, forever.

Live Training System

This system is going to take you by the hand and guide you through the ins-and-outs of this incredible plugin and how it can be utilized to its fullest extent.

You’ll be in good hands too, with the entire RebrandPress Development Team all on the webinar to teach you the secret ninja tips & tricks to master RebrandPress and navigate it like an absolute pro.

With the RebrandPress team on hand, you can learn direct from the best to jump-start your custom-branded WordPress install and get straight on the fast-track to more income.

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You know the risk of your customers going out on the own when they find out you’re managing their online product with WordPress. Isn’t it time you protected your brand, your reputation and your income by doing something about it with RebrandPress?

Don’t wait! You do not want to risk missing out on this special opportunity to build a powerful online business with a serious income. Its even 100% risk free with our 30 day guarantee allowing you to get started today without reservations. We are that confident RebrandPress will be everything you imagined it to be. Achieve what you have dreamt of achieving online and download right now.

RebrandPress - Unlimited

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The rate in which this will make a huge return is mind boggling. Think about this. If you were to go about setting up an platform with similar features to WordPress yourself, you would need to invest tens of thousands of dollars only to possibly make much less sales!

Now for as little as $27 you can make WordPress your own and give your online business the potential to turn over and profit more than your rivals large and small.

Now isn’t that worth investing in?

You know it is!! You are serious about building an effective online business that brings with it an income to match your expectations. Get RebrandPress working for you today so you can get profiting sooner rather than later.

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